Homeschool Group

 Homeschool Group

Here you will find information, links to files and contact information.

The Clarksville schools reopen tomorrow so we will hold our regular homeschool group meeting. We will be doing our unit on the human body. Lots of fun waiting!

Contact Mrs. Barb:

12 noon to 5pm Monday through Thursday, call 903-427-3991

Email any time (may only be answered during the above hours):

Send a Facebook private message from the library page. Again, these may be answered only during the posted hours.

*****Would any of you be interested in learning about bicycle maintenance and repair? David Moore has volunteered to work on this with anyone who would like to participate, as part of our Thursday meetings. He will bring tools, bikes and parts. Bring your own bike, if you like! David was a member of and mechanic for Yellow Bikes of Atlanta GA and brings his expertise and years of experience. *****

Mr. David and a young man from our group worked to get our lasagna garden bed started today. The cardboard layer is down, a light layer of twigs and a thick layer of dry leaves. Next will be the green layer of grass clippings, leftover lettuce/cabbage leaves, potato and other peels, coffee grounds, etc. etc. Save what you can and simply dump it on top of what is already out there, whenever you come by. This layer needs to be at least 5 inches thick, so don't throw veggie scraps away. Please, no meats, breads, pasta, gravy, etc. as it will produce odors and draw rats. Fruit and veg only. Thanks!

New STEM engineering project. This K'Nex Ferris wheel is nearly 3 feet tall, motorized and has music. It is made for ages 8 to adult. 

We also have a US Capitol erector set, ages 8 to adult:

Documents and websites are available below:

Types of hydroponic systems

Lasagna gardening:

Color wheel:

Advanced color wheel:

Art lesson 1 (ages 12 and up):

Octopus drawing diagram (see video on Facebook):

Art lesson 1 Grades 1-5:

Read the lesson on the elements of art. Print out the image and use markers, crayons, pencils, paints or oil pastels to complete the assignment. Use your 6"x9" drawing paper so that it will fit in your art notebook. You may pick up your notebook, drawing paper and any printouts that you need during the library open hours. Bring the notebook with you to group meetings.

Op Art-color and value, lesson 2:

Print out the image below. If you are unable to print the image, come in to the library and I will print it for you. You will need crayons (no markers or pencils) to complete this task. If you have your 6"x9" drawing paper, use it to complete the drawing. You may pick up drawing paper at the library at any time during our open hours. Make sure to pick up your art notebooks, so you can save your lessons all together. 

Cube--form and value, lesson 3a:

Now that you know how to follow the drawing diagrams, draw this cube to learn more about form. The bow also illustrates form.

Bow--form and value, lesson 3b:

Diagrams for September 8 videos:

Diagram for September 9: