Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Are you in the mood for a good book but can't decide what to read? We now have a book review page! Look for books by age group and read what others have to say about their favorites.

Is there a book that you love and would like to share with others? Kids, have you found an AWESOME book that you think others would enjoy? Write a review and email it to barb.moore.rrlibrary@email.com . Include your first name only, the book title and author, the date you finished reading the book and a short description of the book and why you liked it. Kids please include your age, grade and a picture or drawing, if you like. Reviews will be posted weekly.

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Anonymous said...

Hi folks! Hate I missed Book Club, had to take care of of some bulls!!
Read a really good book:
Finding Dorothy by Elizabeth Letts
Fiction but based on facts..the events & lives of the author & his
Family who wrote Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Enjoy❣️❣️ Oops! Sharon