Thursday, April 12, 2012

Library Learning Patch-Children Discovering Nature

Week 8- Parts of Plants-Continued

We continued this week with our study of the parts of plants. We learned about the roles of stems, leaves, and flowers.

Distributing our plants

These leaves do several things
Our book selection was Tops and Bottoms. The children loved hearing how the rabbit tricked the bear, while learning about the different parts of plants..

The wiley rabbit outwits the bear
The children enjoyed a snack of stems (celery and peanut butter), carrots (roots) and teddy grahams (in honor of the book).

Attentive listeners

In the garden we planted another tomato plant, rosemary, and oregano. Now for the fun part--harvesting our first crops--lettuce and radishes!


And of course we weeded and watered!

Fill it up!

Supervising the watering

Doing a good job!
Next week we will harvest more radishes and lettuce and plant cucumbers.

Our little garden is growing. Drop buy the library and take a look!

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