Tuesday, May 27, 2008

More New Arrivals!!!

Here is the much anticipated non-fiction book :

Twisted Triangle tells the compelling true story of Margo Bennett, a married FBI agent whose jealous, vengeful husband, Gene Bennett, a former undercover FBI agent, kidnapped and attempted to murder her after she had a secret love affair with best-selling crime novelist Patricia Cornwell.

This series of bizarre events caused a sensation when it made national news a decade ago, but the whole incredible story has never before been told. Only now have Margo Bennett, her friends, and family granted investigative journalist Caitlin Rother exclusive access to personal interviews, previously sealed court records, diaries, letters, and other formally confidential material. The book details the crazy dynamics of Margo and Gene Bennett's marriage and family, the rise and fall of their FBI careers, and Margo's clandestine lesbian affair with celebrity author Patricia Cornwell. Stranger than fiction , this story decribes the makings of Gene's complex plan, his insanity defense, and the trial that ultimately vindicated Margo and sent Gene to prison, where he remains today.

Odd Hours, by Dean Koontz

Audiobooks: The Bottom Dollar Girls series
Bet Your Bottom Dollar, by Karin Gillespie
A Dollar Short, by Karin Gillespie
Dollar Daze, by Karin Gillespie

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