Circulating books check out for 14 days and may be renewed if there is no waiting list for the item

DVDs check out for two days to borrowers age 16 and over and may be renewed if the item is not marked “new” and there is no waiting list.

Magazines check out for 14 days

Reference books, rare items and newspapers may not be checked out for use outside the library

Adults and Juveniles may check out 25 items

New patrons may check out 10 items. A patron is considered “new” for a period of three months.


Materials become due at closing time on the due date. In computing fines, Sundays and the day the item was returned are counted. The day the item is due is not counted. A fine will not exceed the cost of the item.

Fines are:
Books: 10 cents a day
Audiobooks: 10 cents a day
Magazines: 10 cents a day
DVDs: $1.00 a day

Patrons whose fines are $5.00 or less may continue to check out. Once a fine exceeds $5.00, check out privileges will be suspended until the fine is below the $5.00 threshold. All fines must be paid in full before a library card can be renewed.

Library cards are available free to residents of Red River County. Application for a card requires proof of identity and county residence. The most common type of identification is a valid driver’s license; however, a current voter registration card, recent piece of mail or utility bill are acceptable forms of identification.

Children will be issued library cards after they have begun kindergarten. Children younger than kindergarten age may use their parent’s card. A parent or guardian must sign the application for patrons age 15 and younger. Patrons are responsible for all items checked out on their cards. Additionally, parents and guardians are responsible for items checked out on their child’s/children’s cards. A patron is considered “new” for three months and is subject to reduced checkout limits.

Non-residents of Red River County may receive a library card for a fee of $20 per year. Non-resident patrons will be limited to three items checked out at one time.