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D-Day, or OVERLORD (the Allied invasion of Normandy codename) was the largest amphibious invasion in history. On D-Day itself 175,000 men, 3,000 guns, 15,000 tanks and 15,000 other vehicles were landed in Normandy by parachute, glider or across the beaches.
Some 70 years after the landings, this book tells this fascinating story not only through documentary photography and detailed maps but principally through a visual 'kit bag' of over 700 objects, selected for their importance to the outcome and experience of Operation OVERLORD and often arranged as the complete D-Day kit of many of the participants.

Before We Say "Goodnight" will show you how to captivate your child's imagination with a subject they can't get enough of - you. In this book, you'll discover an easy-to-learn three-step method for turning your life experiences, and those of your family, into great bedtime stories, all without notes or memorization. Best of all, you'll make bedtime one of the happiest parts of the day!

Eve and Cooper Morrison are Savannah's power couple. They're on every artistic board and deeply involved in the community. She owns and operates a letterpress studio specializing in the handmade; he runs a digital magazine featuring all the things Southern gentlemen. The perfect juxtaposition of the old and the new, Eve and Cooper are the beautiful people. The lucky ones. And they have the wealth and name that come being a part of an old Georgia family.
But things may not be as good as they seem.
Eve's sister, Willa, is staying with the family until she gets "back on her feet." Their daughter, Gwen, is all adolescent rebellion. And Cooper thinks Eve works too much. Still, the Morrison marriage is strong. After twenty-one years together, Eve and Cooper know each other. They know what to expect. But when Cooper and Willa are involved in a car accident, the questions surrounding the event bring the family close to the breaking point. Sifting between the stories - what Cooper says, what Willa remembers, what the evidence indicates - Eve has to find out what really happened. And what she's going to do about it.

In the sleepy Cape Winelands of South Africa the body of a young woman is found drifting in a river, and Detective Eberard Februarie is called in to investigate the case. It doesn't help matters that the young woman - Melanie Du Preez - was the daughter of a prominent local citizen. Professor du Preez is a lecturer in the university's Faculty of Law, and a conservative activist in the defense of the Afrikaans culture. Has a murder happened here, and if so, is the motive politics or something much more personal?
When Eberard discovers a scrapbook of lullabies that Melanie had collected over the years, it's a clue that could unlock the first case for him, if only he could figure out what he's looking for. A man struggling with his own demons, Eberard discovers even more secrets that lead him to the rotten core of this university town.

Graham Weber has been the director of the CIA for less than a week when a Swiss kid in a dirty T-shirt walks into the American consulate in Hamburg and says the agency has been hacked, and he has a list of agents' names to prove it. This is a moment a CIA director most dreads.
Weber turns to a charismatic (and unstable) young man named James Morris who runs the Internet Operations Center. He's the CIA's in-house geek. Weber launches Morris on a mole hunt unlike anything in spy fiction - one that takes the reader into the hacker underground of Europe and America and ends up in a landscape of paranoia and betrayal. 

Troubled by the feeling that she belongs nowhere after working i East Africa for fifteen years, Frankie Rowley comes home - home to the small New Hampshire village of Pomeroy and the farmhouse where her family has always summered. On her first night back, a house up the road burns to the ground. Then another house burns, and another, always the house of summer people. In a town where people have never bothered to lock their doors, social fault lines are opened, and neighbors begin to regard one another with suspicion. Against this backdrop of menace and fear, Frankie begins a passionate, unexpected affair with the editor of the local paper, a romance that progresses with exquisite tenderness and heat toward its own remarkable risks and revelations.

All Day and a Night, by Alafair Burke
All Fall Down, by Jennifer Weiner
Always Faithful Always Forward, by Dick Couch
Any Other Name, by Craig Johnson
Aquittal, by Richard Gabriel
Art of Arranging Flowers, by Lynne Branard
Beekeeper's Ball, by Susan Wiggs
Bliss House, by Laura Benedict
Book of the Unknown Americans, by Christian Henriquez
Brothers Forever, by Tom Sileo
Catastrophe 1914: Europe Goes to War, by Max Hastings
Catching Air, by Sarah Pekkanen
Child of Mine, by David Lewis
China Dolls, by Lisa See
The City Son, by Samrat Upadhyay
Counterfeit Lies, by Oliver North
A Dark and Twisted Tide, by Sharon Bolton
Do You Have A Tipped Uterus, by Melissa Wolf M.D.
Flying Shoes, by Lisa Howorth
Elizabeth is Missing, by Emma Healey
Euphoria, by Lily King
The Farm, by Tom Rob SmithFinding Me, by Michelle Knight
Fourth of July Creek, by Smith Henderson
George Washington's Secret Six, by Brian Kilmeade
Girl With All The Gifts, by M.R. Carey
The Glass Kitchen, by Linda Francis Lee
Heiresses, by Sara Shepard
Home Leave, by Brittani Sonnenberg
Hurricane Sisters, by Dorothea Benton Frank
I Love You More, by Jennifer Murphy
Ice Cream Queen of Orchard Street, by Susan Jane Gilman
Invisible, by James Patterson
Invisible Ellen, by Shari Shattuck
Kill Switch, by James Rollins
Last of the Doughboys, by Richard Rubin
Long Time Gone, by Karen White
Matchmaker, by Elin Hilderbrand
Moment in Time, by Tracie Peterson
Mr. Mercedes, by Stephen King
Nantucket Sisters, by Nancy Thayer
No Place to Hide, by W. Lee Warren M.D.
Out of the Ashes, by Dick Couch
Pearl That Broke It's Shell, by Nadia Hashimi
Prince of Fools, by Mark Lawrence
The Promise, by Ann Weisgarber
The Quick, by Lauren Owen
Remember the Time: Protecting Michael Jackson, by Bill Whitfield
Replay, by Marc Levy
Ruin Falls, by Jenny Milchman
Save the Date, by Mary Kay Andrews
Scared Scriptless, by Alison Sweeney
Sixteenth of June, by Maya Lang
Son, by Jo Nesbo
Summer House With Swimming Pool, by Herman Koch
Terminal City, by Linda Fairstein
That Night, by Chevy Stevens
Time of the Locust, by Morowa Yejide
Top Secret Twenty-One, by Janet Evanovich
Unexpected Waltz, by Kim Wright
Unlucky 13, by James Patterson
We Are Called To Rise, by Laura McBride
Written In My Own Heart's Blood, by Diana Gabaldon

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Free Math and Reading Tutoring!

It's as easy as 1  2  3!

1.) Contact Red River County Public Library.
(903) 427-3991

2.)Leave your name and number and what type of tutoring you need.

3.)You will get a call from your tutor to set up a date and time to meet!

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Reads from our Brown Bag Book Club......

Everyone is invited to join us on the 2nd Tuesday of every month @ 12:00 noon! Bring a lunch and have a good time!
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