Thursday, May 16, 2013


2013 Summer Reading Club
will begin
Monday, June 10
and run until
Friday, July 12

The program is open to children 
of reading age through the 7th grade.
For children too young to read themselves, we offer:

The little ones can snuggle in an adults lap, enjoy being read to and
 participate along with big brothers and sisters.

Depending on their reading abilities, children may set goals to read by the book or by the page.  
Counting by the page rewards advanced readers who enjoy larger books and allows them to progress just as quickly as younger readers who are still in smaller books.

**Story Time schedule
will be provided at registration**

Our traditional closing party will be held on
Friday, July 14 at 1:00 p.m.

The Red River County Public Library
Summer Reading Club 
is sponsored by:

Friends of the Library
your Clarksville Dairy Queen.

You may register anytime from June 10 - July 9.
Program concludes July 12.
Children may record up to 3 books a day.
Only library books may be recorded for credit.
Books must be checked out and read at home.
(or at Grandma's or on a trip....)

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Very Pinteresting

If you spend any time at all on the Internet, you are aware of the phenomena know as Pinterest.  Should you have ventured in the world of Pinterest, you already know how fun (and addicting) it is.  If you have not yet taken the plunge, it is time and we are here to help you; we recently launched a Pinterest site for the library.

The best way to describe Pinterest is to liken it to a bulletin board, albeit it a virtual one.  Those great ideas you find online, the recipes, decorating ideas, the beautiful pictures, the funny pictures, anything that strikes your fancy can be "pinned" to your Pinterest boards which you personalize and organize with your own categories.  Then, somewhat like Facebook and Twitter, you can also "follow" other pinners whose tastes and interest match your own.

Take a look at Pinning 101  for a good overview and some pinning etiquette.  Then browse the library's boards where you will find all things book related.  Hopefully you will decide to follow us and start your own Pinterest experience, but if you get addicted, don't say you weren't warned!