Tuesday, March 22, 2011

These just in......

I bummed around the world for twenty years before I suddenly decided to unpack my duffel bags once and for all. On a whim I chose a small village on the Long Island Sound to be my happily-ever-after address. Little did I know that home would be the most extraordinary place I'd ever visited.

These too....
And I Shall Have Some Peace There, by Margaret Roach
Blood, Bones, and Butter, by Gabrielle Hamilton
Gideon's War, by Howard Gordon
Power Down, by Ben Coes
Prostitutes' Ball, by Stephen J. Cannell
The Red Garden, by Alice Hoffman
The Secret Soldier, by Alex Berenson
Sing You Home, by Jodi Picoult
Toys, by James Patterson
Treachery in Death, by J. D. Robb
The Weird Sisters, by Eleanor Brown

Birthday of Randolph Caldecott

Born March 22, 1846, Randolph Caldecott was an English illustrator known for transforming children's books with illustrations.

In 1937 an award was created to recognize outstanding children's book illustrators and was named in Randolph Caldecott's honor.

The Caldecott Medal is awarded annually by the Association for Library Service to Children, a division of the American Library Association, to the artist of the most distinguised American picture book for children.

For a list of Caldecott Medal winners, 1938 - present click here.

Monday, March 14, 2011

New Arrivals!

American blogger and food writer Ree Drummond relates the real life story of how she met and marries her "Marlboro Man." Her stories about her husband, family, and country living paint a warm and touching picture of life on an Oklahoma ranch.
More books....
Engaged Observers: Documentary Phtography, by Brett Abbott
Lake of Dreams, by Kim Edwards
Physician's Desk Reference, by PDR Staff
Secrets to the Grave, by Tami Hoag
Strategic Moves, by Stuart Woods
Three Seconds, by Anders Roslund

Check out these new arrivals...

      A marine sniper team on a mission in tribal territories on the Afghan-Pakistan border, Whiskey 2-2 is ambushed by professionals using the latest high-tech shooting gear. Badly wounded, the team's sole survivor, Gunnery Sergeant Ray Cruz, aka "the Cruise Missile," is determined to finish his job. He almost succeeds when a mystery blast terminates his enterprise, leaving a thirty-foot crater where a building used to be--and where Sergeant Cruz was meant to be hiding.
      Months pass. Ray's target, an Afghan warlord named Ibrahim Zarzi, sometimes called "The Beheader," becomes an American asset in the region and beyond, beloved by State, the Administration, and the Agency. He arrives in Washington for consecration as Our Man in Kabul. But so does a mysterious radio transmission, in last year's code. It's from Whiskey 2-2.
      Is Ray Cruz back? Has he gone rogue, is he insane, or just insanely angry? Will he succeed, though his antagonists now include the CIA, the FBI, and the same crew of bad boys that nearly killed him in Zabol province? Not to mention Bob Lee Swagger and a beautiful CIA agent named Susan Okada who gives Swagger more than just a patriotic reason to take the case.
More Books...
America By Heart, by Sarah Palin
Atlas of Animal Anatomy for Artists, by Wilhelm Ellenberger
Awakened (book 8), by P. C. Cast
Carrie Diaries, by Candace Bushnell
Damage, by John Lescroart
Dog Breed Bible, by D. Caroline Coile
Eco Craft, by Susan Wasinger
Full Dark, No Stars, by Stephen King
Heideggers Glasses, by Thaisa Frank
Hell's Corner, by David Baldacci
In The Blink of an Eye, by Michael Waltrip
In Too Deep, by Jayne Ann Krentz
Judas Gate, by Jack Higgins
Left Neglected, by Lisa Genova
Outlaws, by W. E. B. Griffin
Port Mortuary, by Patricia Cornwell
Trust Me, by Brenda Novak
What the Night Knows, by Dean Koontz

Books, books, and more books....

It is called the Campus. It was secretly created under the administration of President Jack Ryan, its sole purpose to hunt down, locate, and eliminate terrorists and those who protect them, at will, without sanction or oversight. A self-sufficient entity, it has no official connection to the American government--a necessity in a time when those in power consider themselves above such arcane concepts as loyalty, justice, and right or wrong.
Covert intelligence expert Jack Ryan Jr. and his compatriots at the Campus have waged this silent war in every corner of the world. Now joined by two of his father's closest allies, black ops warriors John Clark and "Ding" Chavez, as well as Brian and Dominic Caruso and Mary Pat Foley, the Campus has come up with it's greatest foe: a sadistic killer known as Emir.
The mastermind of countless horrific attacks, the Emir has eluded capture by every law enforcement agency in the world--a fact that the Campus is determined to change. But his greatest devastation is yet to be unleashed, as he plans a monumental single strike that will destroy the heart of America, unless the Campus can take him, dead or alive.

More Books...
Death by Cashmere, by Sally Goldenbaum
Don't Sing at the Table, by Adriana Trigiani
Happily Ever After, by Nora Roberts
How to Raise Chickens, by Christine Heinrichs
Kingfisher Illustrated Horse and Pony, by Sandy Ransford
Midsummer Night, by Freda Warrington
Queen Hereafter, by Susan Fraser King
Unbroken, by Sam Meekings
Undercover Boss, by Stephen Lambert

Thursday, March 10, 2011

First day of planting

Library Learning Patch
Session 4
Thanks to the Red River Co. Humane Society for the use of a kennel,
 and thanks to the hard work of a anonymous volunteer
the garden site is ready for planting.
Thanks to Rick's Farm & Home for seeds and plants.

Ready for gardeners

Miss Sheri showing the lay of the land.

Plotted and staked

Tilling the soil

Planting carrot seedlings

Still planting

Carefully watering baby plants

Marking the crops

Snack time??

Not quite!!  Worms--natural aeration!

Good job!

End of the day

Monday, March 7, 2011


Somedays it's Monday.....all day long.


Friday, March 4, 2011

Parts of Plants

Session 3

The Library Learning Patch Kids learned about what parts of plants are edible and then got to sample the examples.

Edible plant parts include:
Leaves (lettuce)
Stems (celery)
Flowers (broccoli)
Seeds (sunflower)
Fruit (apple)
Roots (carrot)

 The book selection was Plantzilla, by Jerdine Nolen

Next stop, OUTSIDE!

Taking the hill.

Collecting soil for plant necklaces.

The children planted rye grass seeds in film canisters for their plant necklaces.

Next week, our seedlings go in the ground!