Tuesday, August 25, 2009

AN ANGELO, Texas (AP) — Western novelist Elmer Kelton, whose novel The Good Old Boys was made into a TV movie starring Tommy Lee Jones, has died. He was 83. Myrtis Loudermilk, a director at Johnson's Funeral Home in San Angelo, told The Associated Press that Kelton died Saturday of natural causes.

Kelton wrote 62 fiction and nonfiction books. The Good Old Boys was made into a 1995 TV movie starring Jones for the TNT cable network. Kelton also was known for The Man Who Rode Midnight and The Time It Never Rained.

Here is a list of Elmer Kelton’s books:


“After the Bugles,” 1966 (sequel to “Massacre at Goliad”).

“Badger Boy,” 2001 (sequel to “Buckskin Line”).

“Barbed Wire,” 1957.

“The Big Brand,” 1986 (short stories).

“Bitter Trail,” 1962.

“Bowie’s Mine,” 1971.

The Buckskin Line,” 1999.

“Buffalo Wagons,” 1956 (Spur Award).

“Captain’s Rangers,” 1969.

“Cloudy in the West,” 1997.

“Dark Thicket,” 1985.

“The Day the Cowboys Quit,” 1971 (Spur Award).

“Donovan,” 1961.

“Eyes of the Hawk,” (as Lee McElroy), 1981 (Spur Award).

Far Canyon,” 1994 (sequel to “Slaughter,” Spur Award).

“The Good Old Boys,” 1978 (Western Heritage Award, filmed for TNT television network).

“Hanging Judge,” 1969.

“Hard Trail to Follow,” 2008.

“Honor at Daybreak,” 1991.

“Horsehead Crossing,” 1963.

“Hot Iron,” 1956 (Kelton’s first book).

“Jericho’s Road,” 2004 (sequel to “Texas Vendetta”).

Joe Pepper,” (as Lee McElroy), 1975.

“Llano River,” 1966.

“Long Way to Texas,” (as Lee McElroy), 1976.

“The Man Who Rode Midnight,” 1987 (Western Heritage Award).

“Manhunters,” 1974.

“Many a River,” 2008.

“Massacre at Goliad,” 1965.

“Other Men’s Horses,” due October 2009.

“The Pumpkin Rollers,” 1996.

“Ranger’s Trail,” 2002 (sequel to “Way of the Coyote”).

“Shadow of a Star,” 1959.

“Shotgun Settlement,” (as Alex Hawk), 1969.

“Six Bits a Day,” 2005 (prequel to “The Good Old Boys”).

“Slaughter,” 1992 (Spur Award).

“The Smiling Country,” 2008 (sequel to “The Good Old Boys”).

Sons of Texas, Book 1,” (as Tom Early), 1989.

“Sons of Texas: The Raiders,” (as Tom Early), 1989.

“Sons of Texas: The Rebels,” (as Tom Early), 1990.

“Stand Proud,” 1984.

“Texas Rifles,” 1960.

“Texas Standoff,” due 2010.

“Texas Vendetta,” 2004 (sequel to “Ranger’s Trail”).

“There’s Always Another Chance,” 1986 (short stories).

“The Time it Never Rained,” 1973 (Spur Award and Western Heritage Award).

Wagontongue,” 1972.

“Way of the Coyote,” 2001 (sequel to “Badger Boy,” Spur Award).

“The Wolf and the Buffalo,” 1980.


“Art of Frank C. McCarthy,” 1992.

“Art of Howard Terpning,” 1992 (Western Heritage Award).

“Art of James Bama,” 1993.

“Christmas at the Ranch,” 2003.

“Elmer Kelton Country,” 1993.

“The Indian in Frontier News,” 1993.

“Living and Writing in West Texas,” 1992.

“Looking Back West,” 1972.

“My Kind of Heroes,” 1995.

“Permian: A Continuing Saga,” 1986.

Sandhills Boy: Memoirs,” 2007.

“Texas,” 1995.

“Texas Cattle Barons,” 1999.

(“Lone Star Rising,” “Brush Country” and “Ranger’s Law” are not included in this list because they are reprints of Kelton’s earlier novels.)