The Red River County Public Library serves all county residents free of charge. Non-residents of Red River County may be issued a library card for a fee of $20 a year and will be limited to three items checked out at one time. The Librarian may deny service to any person for failure to return borrowed items, for refusal to pay fines, for destruction of library property, or for objectionable conduct in the library.


Application for a library card requires proof of identity and county residence. The most common type of identity accepted is a valid driver's license, but a current voter's registration or recently paid utility receipt is acceptable. Children are issued library cards after they have begun Kindergarten. Children below Kindergarten age may use parent's card. Until the child is 16 years of age, a parent or guardian must sign the application card and assume all responsibility for material borrowed. New cardholders are limited to 3 items checked out at one time. A cardholder is considered new for one year. A borrower is responsible for all material charged to his card. The card is on loan to a borrower and remains the property of the Red River County Public Library. There is no charge for the first card; however, a fee of $3.00 will be charged for the replacement of a card that is lost or damaged in a period less than four years from issue date.


Circulating books are checked out for a period of 14 days and may be renewed if there is no waiting list for the item.

Videos are checked out for a period of 2 days to borrowers age 16 and over and may be renewed if the item is not marked 'new' and there is no waiting list. No renewals may be made by phone.

Magazines may be checked out for a period of 2 days for the current issue and 14 days for past issues.

Reference books, rare items, and newspapers may not be borrowed for use outside the Library.


Material becomes overdue at closing time on the due date. Fines are as follows:

Books .10 a day

Audio books .10 a day

Magazines .10 a day

Videos 1.00 a day

In computing fines, Sundays and the day the item is returned will be counted. The day the item is due will not be counted. A fine shall not exceed the cost of the item.

Guidelines for Acceptable Use of Computers Red River County Public Library

Computer access at the Red River County Public Library is free and open to all library users. In order to preserve this open access policy, we ask all computer users at our library to abide by the following guidelines: *

1.Limit use time to 45 minutes or less. The computers are for information searching on the Internet Please use only as much time as necessary to accomplish these tasks. If other patrons are waiting to use the machines, library staff may ask you to leave the computer before the 45-minute time limit. To maximize availability, patrons are limited to one use per day.

2.Patrons must have basic computer skills. Library staff will assist patrons with basic Internet search skills. Library staff cannot provide in-depth training concerning Internet or personal computer use. We may, however, be able to offer searching suggestions and answer questions.

3.Web-based e-mail access: You may check and send email at the library computers only if you have a web-email address (such as @yahoo.com or @hotmail.com), or if you can access a private email account on the Internet. Library staff is not available to assist with setting up or using email accounts.

4.Commercial use of library computers is prohibited. Library computers are intended for research and educational purposes and non-profit activities.

5.Do not access sites containing pornography or other graphics or text that are unsuitable for children or that may offend other library users or staff. Patrons who violate this guideline will be asked to exit the site immediately. Patrons who continue to violate this guideline will be asked to discontinue use of the library computers for a period of time to be determined by the library director.

6.Parents must accept responsibility for children’s use of the Internet while at the library. Internet access at the library is neither filtered nor restricted, and library staff cannot be responsible for monitoring the content of Internet sites accessed by either adults or children. For children ages 11- 17, a parent or guardian may sign an Internet Permission, for unaccompanied use of the Internet. Parents are asked to accompany their children under age 11 while using the library computers.

7.Patrons are responsible for being aware of copyright restrictions while using the Internet. Most information available on the Internet is copyrighted, so it is safe to assume so unless otherwise stated.

8.Black and white prints may be made from materials found on the library computers. Color copies are not available. The charge for each page printed is 25¢ and must be paid for at the circulation desk.

9.Access to the Internet will be closed down at 15 minutes before closing each day so that all printing and downloading can be done before closing.

10.Do not attempt to download anything to the hard drive. Patrons may use their own retrieval devices (thumb drive) to save data.
*Any person found to be using the computers in violation of the above guidelines will be asked to discontinue the practice immediately. Those who continue to disregard these guidelines after being made aware of an infraction will be denied further use of the computers at the library.

Red River County Public Library Unattended Children Policy

The Red River County Public Library encourages children and families to use its facilities. The Library desires to provide a safe and appropriate environment for visitors of all ages. The Library, however is a public building with staff trained to provide public Library services. The Library is not equipped—nor is it the Library’s role—to provide long or short-term childcare.

When children are left unattended at the Library problems can arise. Children left on their own for extended periods of time may become frightened, ill, bored or disruptive. Since the Library is a public building, strangers might approach children. Staff cannot know if children are leaving the building with their parents or strangers. Therefore, in order to create an environment of safety, to maintain an atmosphere where reading and study can be encouraged, and to provide all patrons with a facility that is pleasant and conducive to library use, the Red River County Public Library Board has adopted the following policy:

1.Children ten years of age and younger must be continually attended by a parent or adult caregiver while in the library. Children should not be left alone; the library does not provide daycare services. Older children cannot be expected to deal with small children.

2.Children between the ages of eleven and fifteen may be left unattended for a maximum of one hour to complete homework assignments or special projects. Disruptive behavior, including shouting, profanity, running, pushing, or other rowdy, rambunctious behavior will not be tolerated.

3.Children attending library programs are supervised by the library staff only during the scheduled time of the program. Parents should be aware of program times. During Pre-school Storytime parental supervision is always required.

4.The library reserves the right to contact parent, guardians or proper authorities if minors are left unattended and require supervision.

5.Parents and caregivers should be familiar with the library’s hours of operation and should not leave children before opening or after closing. The library staff is not responsible for supervising children left alone when the library is closed.

6.Food or drink is not permitted in the library unless served as a part of a children’s program.

7.It is preferred that children use the seating areas in the Children and Junior departments and leave the adult seating area for adults.

8.Bicycles should be parked on the bicycle pad south of the front door.

9.Children should dress appropriately in the library. In addition to basic clothing (top and bottom), shoes should be worn.

10.The Library reserves the right to suspend or revoke library privileges upon the violation of these policies. The Library reserves the right to limit time spent using equipment and facilities

Gifts Policy

The Red River County Public Library welcomes gifts of books, subscriptions, media, and other educational materials and equipment. Money for the purchase of library materials and equipment is also accepted. These gifts help enrich and improve library resources.

Memorial gifts may be donated to honor a friend or relative. The library will be pleased to select appropriate titles and mark them with a special bookplate.

Gift materials will be accepted provided that, in the opinion of the library director and/or the Board of Trustees, they enhance the value of the library’s collection.

Gift materials will be judged by the same selection standards applied to purchased materials, must fill a need in the collection and be in good physical condition.

All donations (money or materials) become the sole property of the Library. The library may or may not put materials into the collection, based on their physical condition and usefulness to library patrons. The library is not obligated to keep materials that are added to the collection for any length of time, and may be weeded and disposed of in any manner the library director deems appropriate. The library does not accept responsibility for notifying donors of withdrawal or replacement of gift items.

Material not added to the collection may be sold at the library’s ongoing book sale, with the proceeds going directly to the library.

The library will provide (on request) an acknowledgement of receipt to the donor. The library will not appraise or estimate the value of gift donations. The responsibility for such assessment lies with the donor.

No gifts are accepted unless given to the library without restriction. All gifts may be utilized, sold or disposed of in the best interest of the library. The library may accept earmarked donations if the donor’s wishes are compatible with the mission and policies of the library