Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Buzzz-Learning All About Bees

The Library Learning Patch Nature Club was fortunate this week to have a dynamic duo--Bobby and Lisa Cornelius--as our guest instructors. Bobby has been a beekeeper for years and is quite knowledgeable about them.
The Amazing Bee
He  brought some of his equipment as well as an empty hive box.

 He described in detail how the bees get the nectar and produce honey. The children were amazed to learn how many flowers a bee must visit in order to gather enough nectar to produce honey. He also gave them a good tip for what  they should do if  stung by a bee--don't pull out the stinger, scrape it off.   He passed out activity books which featured bees.

Lisa Cornelius, our Director,  devised a game to teach the children how a bee pollinates our flowers.[source] She filled paper bags with Cheetos and gave each child a paper bee. They visited the flower bag, took a Cheeto, thereby gathering nectar. She then gave each child a flower. After visiting the flower bag, each child went to someone else's  flower and rubbed it, thereby spreading the pollen (Cheeto yellow). What fun they had.

What a cute idea!

 Passing out the flowers and bees
Gathering Pollen


The snack today was honey, apples and graham crackers.

Then, it was time to go to the garden and water--their favorite activity!
Plants Can't Live Without Water!

Kat Kraft checked her worms--so far they have not frozen!

 We enjoyed our beautiful Spring day yesterday. Let's hope we don't have a frost tonight!

Stay tuned!!.

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