Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Library Learning Patch - Children Discovering Nature

Week 15 - Insects

This week we began the session by celebrating the birthday of one of the members. What fun--we had two kinds of cake and ice cream.

Happy Birthday!

Then it was learning time. This week's lesson was about insects. The book, The Very Clumsy Click Beetle, was read to the group.

This book has sounds!
The children learned that insects have 6 legs, have three main body parts, and have their chewing apparatus on the outside of their bodies.

Learning about insects

They learned all about why insects are so numerous. They then took their magnifying glasses to the garden and searched for insects. Luckily, they did not find the dreaded squash bugs. Our bay leaves and petunias are working so far.

We harvested a few squash and a lot of peppers this week. The tomatoes are numerous, but not quite ready.  They will be ripe soon.

Nutritious vegetables

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