Friday, May 11, 2012

Library Learning Patch - Children Discovering Nature

Week 12 - Grasses and Grass-like plants

This week's lesson was about grasses as well as monocots and dicots. Samples of all were passed out. The children learned to differentiate between dicots and monocots. Monocots have parallel veins. They also learned about reeds and sedges--"Reeds are round, sedges have edges" was the slogan for the day.

Monocot or dicot??

Learning about grasses-hands on
The book for the day was The Empty Pot.

Then it was harvesting time! This week's vegetables were sugar snap peas, onions, and cabbage.

Sugar snap peas!

More sugar snap peas!

Our First Cabbage

Our squash are looking good--so far no squash bugs--maybe our petunias and bay leaves are working! Some should be ready for harvest next week. Wish us luck! Stop by and take a look at the garden!!

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