Saturday, March 31, 2012

Library Learning Patch-Children Discovering Nature

Week 6 - Review of plant growth; planting day

This week the children enjoyed their snack while we read a delightful book from our children's section - Oh Say Can You Seed.  It describes in a fun way, with great illustrations, how a plant grows .

A fun book!

This is interesting

Then it was work time. The children were as busy as little ants. They first weeded the garden and checked on the crops growing--lettuce, cabbage, onions and radishes.  The basil and sunflowers started from seeds were transplanted. 

Getting the hole ready

Planting the squash

Tomatoes and squash were the new crops planted. Cages were placed around the tomatoes - the children had a difficult time imagining how that little tomato plant would get taller than the cages. It should be fun to see their reactions as the plants grow. 

We also discussed our new "motto". Water, weed and feed! We will do a lot of that in weeks to come.

Drop by the library and check on our progress!

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