Friday, March 23, 2012

Library Learning Patch - Children Discovering Nature
Week 5 - How Seeds Travel
Heavy rain kept the group inside this week, so they caught up on their mini-books and  learned all about how seeds are disbursed. The children learned that seeds travel by wind, water, and animals.

The reading selection was The Tiny Seed.

Making our mini-books

Some seeds have hooks that help them stick to an animal's fur. Examples are sweet gum balls and pine cones. The children examined both with magnifying glasses. Very interesting!


I see the hooks!

 An example of our mini-books:

Seed mini-book

The children then played a question and answer game reviewing what they have learned so far in the meetings. Fun!

Next week, weather permitting, will be an outside day--planting tomatoes and squash, weeding, etc.

Drive by and check out progress!

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