Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Don't miss our Vincent Van Gogh Art Exhibit, March 1st-5th!

Upper left-hand corner, "Self Portrait with Bandaged Ear and Pipe",(original size: 17.7 in. by 20.1 in.), circa 1889. Moving downward to the middle-bottom portion you'll find "Wheatfield with Cypress", (original size: 28.9 in. by 36.4 in.), circa 1889. The large beautiful painting you see on the right is "The Starry Night", (original size: 29 in. by 36.25 in.) circa 1889. 

The painting you see here is entitled "Trees in the Garden of St.Paul's Hospital", (original size: 28 in. by 34.8 inches) circa 1889. 

If you haven't heard of Vincent Van Gogh before, perhaps you have heard about his painting "The Starry Night", which he painted while he was staying in Saint-Remy, an asylum.

Or perhaps you have heard of the artist that cut his ear off?!.........
It was Van Gogh, however, it was not his entire was just the LOBE! 

Many think he was crazy...
...........................................most think Van Gogh was a brilliant madman.....
then there are those that think that perhaps, in today's world, he had autism. 
Regardless, he could paint pictures that could evoke any emotion. He was an Artist.

The panel we have here is entitled "Cafe-Terrace at Night", (original size: 25.6 in. by 31.9 in.), circa 1888.

Come and see some of Vincent Van Gogh most renowned works displayed on beautiful silk panels.
Don't forget, next week Egypt will be on display, March 8-12. See you soon!!


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