Wednesday, November 4, 2009

More new non-fiction books just in........

Ree Drummond is a big city girl who fell in love with her Marlboro Man. Now she is living the life of a country girl. She loves her kids, her Marlboro Man, her horses, her dogs, and oh! the food. Not only did she have to adjust her life to the country, but her taste buds too! No more sushi, no more Starbucks. So, she set out to making tried and true everyday recipes with a dash of big city.

She began her now famous blog The Pioneer Woman in 2006. This book is a compilation of humorous stories, beautiful photography, and step-by-step recipes, with photos, guaranteed to please.

More non-fiction titles...........
Alpha, Teach Yourself American Sign Language, by Trudy Suggs
Battle for Vast Dominion, by George Polivka
The Clock Struck One, by Trudy Harris
Complete Learning Disabilities Handbook, by Joan M. Harwell
Everything Tween Book, A Parent's Guide, by Linda Sonna
Final Gifts, by Maggie Callanan
Final Journeys, by Maggie Callanan
Growing Up in a New World 1607 to 1775, by Brandon Miller
Hand that Bears the Sword, by George Polivka (fiction)
How to care for Aging Parents, by Virginia Morris
How to Raise an Amazing Child, by Tim Seldon
Random House-Webster's Compact American Sign Language Dictionary, by Elaine Costello
Strong Fathers Strong Daughters, by Meg Meeker
Trauma through a Child's Eyes, by Peter A. Levine
The Wedding Book, by Mindy Weiss
When Nothing Matters Anymore, by Bev Cobain
Year on the Wing, by Tim Dee

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