Thursday, August 14, 2008

New Books in August!

It's the early 1970's. The town of Ringgold, Georgia, has a population
of 1,923, one traffic light, one Dairy Queen, and one Catherine Grace Cline. The daughter of Ringgold's third-generation Baptist preacher, Catherine Grace is quick-witted, more than a little stubborn, and dying to escape her small town life. Every Saturday afternoon, she sits at the Dairy Queen, eating Dilly Bars and plotting her getaway to Atlanta. And when, with the help of a family friend, the dream becomes a reality, she immediately packs her bags, leaving her family and the boy she loves to claim the life she's always imagined. But before things have even begun to get off the ground in Atlanta, tragedy brings Catherine Grace back home. As a series of extraordinary events alter her perspective-and sweeping changes come to Ringgold itself-Catherine Grace begins to wonder if her place in the world may actually be, against all odds, right where she began.

More Books....

Architecture by Birds and Insects, by Peggy Macnamara
Assassin, by Stephen Coonts
Black and White and Dead All Over, by John Darnton
Black Wave: A Family's Adventure at Sea, by John Silverwood
City of Thieves, by David Benioff
Commoner, by John Burnh Schwartz
Cypress Nights, by Stella Cameron
Memory of Water, by Karen White
Say Goodnight, by Lisa Gardner
Silent Thunder, by Iris Johansen
Smoke Screen, by Sandra Brown
Spurgeons Sermon Notees over 250 Sermons, by C.H. Spurgeon
Sweet Love, by Sarah Strohmeyer
Together: A Story of Shared Vision, by Tom Sullivan
Twisted Creek, by Jodi Thomas
Unbridled Dreams, by Stephanie Whitson

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