Thursday, April 26, 2012

Library Learning Patch-Children Discovering Nature

Week 10 - Taking care of the earth

The book,  Brother Eagle, Sister Sky, gave the children an understanding of how our actions might affect the earth.

The starberry game, played with blueberries, taught the children that 3/4 of the earth is water and out of the 1/4 that is land, a third of that is mountains, a third is desert, leaving only 1/3 which is habitable.

The garden is flourishing. A few of the cabbage out leaves have holes in them, but even after much searching, the culprit was not found!  The children transplanted petunias (which hopefully will deter squash bugs), weeded, and watered. 

Goodbye squash bugs!
 We have blooms on the squash, peas, and peppers, baby cabbages, and even one tiny pepper.

Our baby cabbages!

Blooms of sugar snap peas

Bell pepper

Our flourishing garden!

Stop by and check out our little garden!! We will have baby tomatoes soon!!

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