Thursday, October 18, 2007

Sidney & Norman: a tale of two pigs

Phil Vischer

Easy Fiction

Back of the Book:

"Life had always been easy for Norman. He was, after all, a good pig...not like his neighbor, Sidney. Rules and systems and schedules--they all seemed a bit slippery to Sidney. Norman couldn't help but look down on Sidney, and Sidney couldn't help but look down on himself--until, that is, the day they each received an invitation from God. He had something to tell them.

Master storyteller and VeggieTales creator Phil Vischer spins a delightful tale for kids and grownups alike about two very different pigs and the simple messages from God that change the way they view each other...and themselves."

Reader Comments:

It’s for adults as much as kids.
It helps you see yourself the way God sees you.
The thoughts lingered after the book was finished and made it even more enjoyable the second time through.

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